About Powertech Services

With a well-grounded understanding of the switchgear segment, Powertech is considered a formidable partner for the effective maintenance, refurbishment, and up-gradation of low voltage switchgear equipment. As a panel builder, Powertech has garnered a multitude of experience partnering with leading consultants and MEP Contractors, as well as, working with end-users such as shopping malls, hotels, commercial establishments as well as residential premises.

As a result, Powertech Services is well placed to ascertain the electrical infrastructure instrumental in installing an electric vehicle charging system that is in accordance with local utility standards ensuring guaranteed performance over time. Within a short period, Powertech has identified electric vehicle charging solutions by adopting a consultative approach with end-users and installed numerous EV Charging stations across the UAE. Our engineers are qualified through training programs with ABB at their centers in the Netherlands to commission, troubleshoot and provide after-sales service for all-electric vehicle charging systems including DC Chargers as well as the High Power Rapid EV Charging systems.

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