Electric Mobility

As the demand for electric vehicle accelerates, destination charging is primed for growth as electric vehicle owners decide their choice of restaurant, golf course, mall or hotel based on the availability of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.
With the emergence of E-mobility, Powertech is at the forefront of electric vehicle charging infrastructure offering a broad spectrum of EV Charging units, ranging from AC to DC, aimed to satisfy electric vehicle owners that are looking for a charging unit for a private single-family home use or for a network of commercial charging points.
Most electric vehicles offer mileage ranging from 200 to 440 km. A key element to owning an All-electric vehicle (AEV) or plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) is having access to charging infrastructure.

Wall Box

Benefit from the convenience of overnight charging by having a compact universal EVSE installed in your parking providing a safe transfer of power from the charger to your vehicle. Our Terra AC wall box provides tailored, intelligent and networked charging solution for any business or home or location. The Terra AC wall box combines superior energy expertise along with sleek design and advanced technology providing customers the ultimate user-friendly EV charger on a budget.

AC Charging Station

With AC (alternating current) charging, the vehicle’s on-board charger converts the outlet current into battery current, thereby converting AC power from the charging point to DC (direct current) and then delivering it to the battery. The charging speed is then dependent on the capability and capacitor of the on-board charger. Our AC stations are available in various configurations and are entirely customizable based on your requirement.

Our charging stations are equipped with the latest technology, communication features and built-in protection devices ensuring safety of the vehicle and the driver and are certified by CE and UL. Read on to find out more about our affordable range of AC Charging stations that are suited for destination and home charging.

kW Phase Floor-standing Single or Dual Cable (5m) Wall-Mount Socket & Shutter RFID OCPP 1.6 Bluetooth WiFi/Ethernet
7.4kw Single Phase
11kw Three Phase
22kw Three Phase

Fast Charging Stations

Our DC, rapid charging units, come with universal connectors – CCS2 and CHAdeMO and are equipped with RFID, OCPP-enabled and HMI touch display screens offering smart communication and remote monitoring facilities to connect to back-office systems for facility management teams monitoring multiple charging units at different locations centrally. We can provide a range of options from a single charging point to multiple connectors, allowing to charge multiple vehicles at one go.

DC Wall Box

24kW peak - 22.5kW continuous (150 – 920V DC)


Terra 24

One electric vehicle up to 20kW DC and one electric vehicle up to 22kW AC


Terra 54

One Electric Vehicle up to 50kW DC and one electric Vehicle up to 22kW / 43kW AC


Terra 94

One electric vehicle up to90 kW


Terra 124

One electric vehicle up to 120kW or two electric vehicles up to 60kW


Terra 184

One electric vehicle up to 180kW or two electric vehicles up to 90kW

High Power Rapid Chargers

HP fast charging offers a modular system architecture making it easily upgradeable from 175kW to 350kW. A future proof charging solution that has the potential to upgrade its performance through the addition of power cabinets and power modules, to deliver rapid high power charging. The charging station can deliver 175kW to up to electric vehicles simultaneously. For high end vehicle models, the charging station can be upgraded to delivery up to 350 kW available on each charge post.

E-Bus Charging Stations

Our EV Charging portfolio extends to heavy electric vehicles such as e-trucks and e-buses. Particularly suited for depots and fleet operators, the EV charging infrastructure with CCS (combined charging system) connector is adaptable to varying voltage range up to 920V.
The DC Wall Box and Terra 54HV (50 kW) are perfectly suited to charge electric buses and trucks. For higher power charging requirements, solutions with 100 kW and 150 kW including sequential charging, are especially designed to charge larger fleets of electric vehicles, achieved through dynamic power balancing.


  • Flexibility, to suit operating schedules.
  • IOT enabled for remote asset management and smart diagnostics
  • Universal Charging, suited to match interoperability with all international brands

Main features

  • Power range of 24 kW, 50 kW with Voltage range from 150-920 V DC
  • Power range of 100kW, 150kW with Voltage range from 150-850VDC
  • Sequential charging with up to 3 outlets with 100 kW and 150 kW per vehicle
  • Small footprint with remote depot control box

Software Technology

Recharge with

Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Solution

Our Cloud-based software, with a charger and driver interface,enables our client to manage all EV infrastructure across different locations through a central remote admin web portal. Hosted on Microsoft Cloud, the portal serves as an operational management tool for the stakeholder and their facility team to avail the following:
  • User Data Management
  • Real time Status of Chargers
  • Fault and Error Management
  • Asset Management
  • Dashboard and Reports
  • RFID management
  • Energy consumption
  • Duration of charging sessions

ELVIS Adds value to your business



Auto dealerships






F&B / Café


Public Charging networks


Residential Communities

How does ELVIS work?

All the EVSE devices are enabled with connectivity options such as Wifi and Ethernet. In the absence of any of these options, a Wifi internet router can be configured to the EVSE and synced to the Web Portal and Mobile App.

  • Latest Technology
  • Modular and scalable system architecture
  • Cloud hosted deployment
  • Platform designed for customization and scale
  • Secure API Support for integration