Digital SaaS Platform For Energy Delivery To Electric Vehicles

Intelligent Charging Management Platform for Managing and Monetizing Infrastructure of ‘Energy as a service’ companies.

Accelerating Electric Mobility

Our Solutions Are Designed For

DC Chargers

AC Chargers

Battery Swaping

Charge Point Operators (CPO)

Complete stack for operating and monetizing the charging infrastructure over cloud.

Electric Vehicle Fleet Operators

Our Charging platform can be easily integrated into the Fleet operations using secure APIs

Battery Swap Operators

IOT enabled Bulk charger management, Asset monitoring and new business models

Automotive companies

Technology platform for creating unique user experiences with Home charging and public charging

Future Proof Technology Platform

Visionary cloud native technology platform, designed using the latest software architecture. The system has been built for scale keeping in mind the requirements of emerging EV Markets across the world.

  • Easy discovery and access to Chargers and Batteries using Mobile Applications and RFID Cards
  • Managing Charging/Swap Sessions based on money, time, energy and battery charge
  • Monetization of assets through flexible tariff plans and multiple billing methods.
  • Operational excellence through real time tracking of all assets, automated fault identification and resolution process

Supports Global Standards

Our platform makes it easy to integrate and operate a network with equipment from multiple OEMs

Support For OCPP Enabled Chargers

Support For Roaming

Support For Customized Chargers

Chargers We Support

Platform easily integrates and supports equipment from several international vendors enabling a powerful multi-vendor environment.

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