ABB Ability™ has partnered with Powertech, offering over 200 digital solutions which enable enterprises to increase productivity and safety at lower costs. With ABB Ability™, we tap into the rapidly growing market of automation for industrial companies, known as the Internet of Things (IoT). ABB Ability™ tailored digital solutions will drive customer value in each business while capturing synergies through a common platform. These actions position ABB with a leadership role in digital solutions, and evolving technologies such as artificial intelligence.
The Ability platform is your complete digitalization solution to ensure the assets that matter most to your business is all connected, monitored and managed in the same platform. ABB Ability is recommended for Factories, Large commercial/residential communities etc. At Powertech we offer a complete turnkey solution and a one stop shop to industries which include a detailed survey, identification & recommendation on areas of improvement and lastly complete installation, commissioning and deployment of the Ability platform for your organization.

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