Energy management has emerged as a critical competitive factor aiding cost reduction through efficient energy consumption and a boon to the environment. Achievable only to those that can keep a close eye on their energy consumption.
This is a particular focal point for Janitza electronics GmbH, a German company based in the Hessian town of Lahnau . The product range offered by Janitza provides complete system solutions for modern energy data management (e.g. ISO 50001), power quality and residual current monitoring.
Alongside measurement devices and software, Janitza has partnered with Powertech to offer associated services – a complete solution that guarantees efficient energy management. This includes: Energy measurement technology, class A network quality analysers compliant with standard EN 50160, energy management systems, digital integrated measurement devices, mobile power quality analysers, power factor controllers, harmonic filters and compensation systems. Alongside consultation and the development of technical solutions, Powertech with Janitza also carry out commissioning, courses and training with customers and provide maintenance and support for the Low voltage systems.
With the Powertech – Janitza solution, the customer receives a solution where the stakeholder can monitor energy consumption across multiple locations, through the patented GRIDViss software with no hidden costs or complicated subscription tiers, coupled with a hardware system which is easily scalable on demand.

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