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Charging for Heavy Duty EVs

As the revolution towards clean energy disrupts the automobile industry, heavy duty EVs such as buses, trucks, tractors are increasingly turning green as they become electric. Operators have evaluated the environmental and cost benefits over the long run and are progressively shifting gears towards electric transport. Our DC Chargers are extremely reliable and are guaranteed to deliver every EV operator’s KPIs. Equipped with cloud connectivity, the chargers can be synced seamlessly with our software platform to provide real-time data on the status of each charger along the route. Our DC Chargers are available in a range of combinations that can adapt to the operator’s criteria of charging duration, route management and desired output per charging outlet.


Terra 54

Terra 54 is ideally suited for highway rest stops and petrol stations, as well as for retail and office locations, car dealerships, fleet applications charging at full 50KW at 150 – 920V.

Terra 94

The Terra 94 delivers an output of 94 Kilowatt and can be upgraded to deliver all the way up to 180 KW. Available in single and dual charging configurations. Current limit feature available.

Terra 124

The Terra 124 is designed to charge two EVs simultaneously at 60 Kilowatt each or 120 Kilowatt on a single outlet. The ABB design incorporates dynamic power balancing to accommodate priority charging. Current limit feature available.

Terra 184

The Terra 184 is a state-of-the art DC charging station that can deliver 90 Kilowatt for simultaneous charging of two EVs or 180 Kilowatt on a single outlet. The ABB design incorporates dynamic power balance to accommodate priority charging. Current limit feature available.

Charging for Public Transport

The UAE, as part of its National Energy Strategy 2050, aims to reduce greenhouse gas emission by 70% and seeks to increase its share of clean energy usage to 50% from 20%. In transport, the UAE aims to advance its ambitions towards electric mobility and electrification of its transport infrastructure. Mass transit systems are likely to electrify as the pace of adoption of E-buses and taxies accelerates.


An integral part of charging solutions at Powertech for public transport is the Depot charging system and the Opportunity charging stations.

Depot Charging System

Overnight charging during idle time ranging between 6 to 8 hours. Charging output is configurable ranging from 25 kilowatt to 150 kilowatt. Sequential charging solutions are available to limit extensive power upgrades and optimize the usage of available power at the facility.

Opportunity Charging

The Pantograph solution is ideal to deliver a flash charge between 3 to 6 minutes without any disruptions to the operations. The Charging power is configurable and ranges between 150 kilowatt to 600 kilowatt. Opportunity charging can be supported through:
  • Pantograph Up
  • Pantograph Down

Fleet Charging solutions: E-Taxis , Delivery Vans, E-trucks:


AC Charging solutions ranging from 7 kilowatt (single phase) to 22 kilowatt (three phase). The chargers are equipped with dynamic load management.

Fast Charging

The 24 kilowatt DC Wall Box is a preferred solution as it is compact. 50KW DC Charger that provides simultaneous charging of two vehicles through 50KW DC fast charge and 22 KW AC medium charge.

Passenger EVs

Our EVs solution for passenger vehicles remain largely popular with many operators in hospitality, residential and commercial sectors. Among AC chargers for overnight charging, we have the 7 kilowatt, 11 kilowatt and 22 kilowatt available in the following configurations:

Wall Mounted


Floor standing Single Outlet


Floor standing Dual Outlet


DC Wall Box

24kW peak - 22.5kW continuous (150 – 920V DC)

Software Management

Hosted on Microsoft Cloud, ELVIS is our Charge Point Management System that is integrated with a payment gateway and enables our clients to manage all EV assets across different locations through a centralized admin portal. It offers:
  • User Data Management
  • Real time Status of Chargers
  • Fault and Error Management
  • Asset Management
  • Sessions Billing Management
  • RFID management
  • Energy consumption
  • Cost Centre
  • Duration of charging sessions
Offered as a SaaS business model, it provides adequate data to a charge point operator and is available on a subscription format.

Web Portal Facility management

Create a network of charging points across your locations

Mobile App End User

Share your network with your customers through the App

RFID Enabled

Users can pay for their charging session and interact otherwise with the equipment using the app which recognizes the built-in RFID in the machine.
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