DC Rapid Fast Charging


DC Wall Box

  • Sleek and compact DC fast charging solution
  • Future proof investment supporting current and future EVs with high voltage charging
  • Guaranteed as safe and reliable for commercial and residential application
  • Optimise your revenue opportunities by integrating the DC Wall Box with the ABB Ability platform offering enhanced features for operators such as remote monitoring access for multiple units across different locations, fetching data on charging sessions and billing.

Fast Charging

The ABB Terra 24/54 chargers offer simultaneous charging of two cars, via DC and AC respectively. Available in different variations and power ratings, the Terra Fast Charging station delivers impressive performance for a range of PHEV and AEV of varying battery capacities. This dynamic charging station complies with the EMC emission requirements for residential use, making it suitable for installation at petrol stations, car dealerships and office locations, offering a seamless experience for users and causing zero disturbance to other equipment at site. Read more about Terra Fast Charging.


High Power Fast Charging

HP fast charging offers a modular system architecture making it easily upgradeable from 175kWp to 350kWp. A future proof charging solution that has the potential to upgrade its performance through the addition of power cabinets and power modules, to deliver rapid high power charging. The charging station can deliver 175KWP to up to electric vehicles simultaneously. For high end vehicle models, the charging station can be upgraded to delivery up to 350 kWp available on each charge post. Read more about High Power Fast Charging.

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