We represent leading industry brands in electrical measurement and monitoring devices. Our product range consists of advanced energy meters with built-in communication interfaces integrated with latest technology that lets users monitor and analyze energy distribution on numerous parameters allowing them to make informed decision on improving energy consumption. Furthermore, we are stockists of multifunction meters (digital/analog) compatible with RS485 modbus. For any requirements related to metering installation at an existing site, our service team can assist.
  • Digital Multifunction Meter
  • Rogowski compatible meter
  • Digital Ammeter, Voltmeter, Power Factor
  • Digital Ammeter, Voltmeter, Power Factor
  • Meter, Frequency Meter
  • Analogue Ammeter & Voltmeter
  • Ammeter / Voltmeter Selector Switches
  • Phase Monitor Relays / UV/OV Relay
  • Energy Analyzer / Power Monitoring Unit
  • Current Transformers: Solid Core, Split Core, Ring Type and Rogowski Coil
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